Our House

Mod Sélection is the purest expression of balance and terroir produced in Champagne today.

Descended from a long line of growers and vignerons, the House of Mod Sélection has a legacy dating back to 1892, having produced Champagne in an exclusive enclave of the Vallée de la Marne for over five generations. It was selected as the finest House in Champagne by award-winning wine and spirits producer Brent Hocking for its exceptional dedication to purity, balance, and finesse. The House has long-been commissioned for its remarkable Champagne by political and industry elite. Only now has this superior drinking Cuvée become available for release.

The key to the House of Mod Sélection lies in the extreme care taken at every stage of cultivation and vinification.

The House practices minimal intervention throughout harvest, press, and production ensuring the purest display of balance and terroir in every Cuvée. Only grapes demonstrating optimal levels of sugar, acidity, and maturity are selected fit for press. The most delicate extraction and juice selection, meticulous settling, natural clarification, and rigorous control of fermentations are carried out with exacting precision to preserve the balance, purity and finesse unique to Mod Sélection house style and production.

Preservation of tradition and heritage are paramount. Mod Sélection represents a legacy of significance, symbolism, sophistication and celebration. Delicate flowering adorns the rich brown metallic bottle, a nod to the history and heritage it represents. Hand applied visual codes and cues ensure no two bottles released are ever alike. These elements culminate at a height of craftsmanship never before seen in Champagne. A balance between time-honored tradition and elegant modernity.

Timeless elegance. Impeccable taste. This is Mod Sélection.

Bless this House.